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19 Years of Excellence

Since 1998, WLI has been engaging worldwide leaders, bringing them forth into this global movement of New Apostolic Reformation, with over 1000 graduates and schools in over 11 countries.

30+ World-Class Instructors 

It is truly a privilege to have on staff a faculty we, and our students, can be proud to have as teachers:  Dr. Peter Wagner, Dr. Che Ahn, Dr. Cindy Jacobs, Dr. Bill Johnson, Dr. Randy Clark, Dr. John Arnnolt, and many more...

20 Months to Complete

With our newly designed road map, you can finish a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate program in 20 months. Of course, with this rigorous program, your commitment and time investment is required.

3 Transformative Programs

WLI offers three rigorous and practical programs for ministry leaders around the world. With a refreshing four pillar education model, you will be empowered to enjoy the ride, strengthen your wings, and become a transformer in your own sphere of influence.

About Wagner Leadership Institute

Founded in 1998 by Dr. C. Peter Wagner (1930-2016), WLI reflects a new paradigm for unique training in practical ministry. Unlike traditional seminaries, WLI focuses on equipping ‘in-service’ leaders with a creative, revelatory style of teaching and learning, as well as impartation and activation, with opportunity for hands-on, practical application and ministry.

 Join Cindy Jacobs and many world-class teachers...

Dear Prospective Student

Are you ready to take the next step toward reaching your destiny in Christ? If so, Wagner Leadership Institute is ready to help launch you into your purpose and calling.

Since 1998, Wagner Leadership Institute has opened the doors of destiny to thousands of students worldwide who are willing to invest in training that produces spiritual fruit in their life and ministry. Since assuming the position of WLI President & International Chancellor, it has been my honor and privilege to shepherd the vision of our Founding Chancellor, Dr. C. Peter Wagner, building upon his legacy and track record of developing leaders. And let me add, I believe all Christians are leaders!

Peter recognized the need within the Body of Christ to take training from the realm of theory into the arena of practical ministry. WLI continues to distinguish itself from other schools and methods of training by focusing on this new teaching paradigm—impartation and activation—coupled with world-class instruction from proven apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in an intimate classroom setting. Any scope of church, ministry and marketplace leaders are invited to pursue a bachelor's, master's or doctoral Diploma of Practical Ministry. Earning your diploma can be done at your own pace, pay as you go, and even through a combination of live courses, as well as at home study.

International Chancellor: Dr. Ché Ahn

What We Do

Inspired in 1998 by a prophetic word from Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner(see bio), built upon his legacy of developing world changers by creating Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI). Over the years and since its transition to International Chancellor, Dr. Che Ahn, WLI has established regional schools in 11 cities within the U.S. and 11 internationally (including emerging nations such as China and Brazil).

WLI’s core values for training could simply be illustrated by: 2+5=7.

Launching in 2017 is WLI's new, hybrid training model (On-line or On-site), with a four pillar emphasis.

From Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate, to a selective Elective program.

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Electives can be taken individually or added to a degree.

See here for the tuition of each program.

Ready to be a Part of and Ignite a Movement?

We invite you to carefully pray and consider as you explore more of WLI's programs, and to talk with us about joining this family as we work together to bring forth the Kingdom into every sphere of influence!