WLI offers 3 program options:

These programs non-traditional in the sense that they are through an alternative to accrediation known as ACEA. This means that they are not a traditional seminary degree, but rather a diploma, which has been recognized in over 25,000 Churches and organizations world-wide. 

WLI's Training Model: 4 Pillars

WLI launched a new hybrid training model (On-line or On-site) with 4 pillars emphasis:


Pillar 1: Core Courses

Students will have rigorous guided on-line study in a cohort format. With advanced on-line learning system, a well-designed course structure, and a cohort mentor, WLI students will gain valuable knowledge, discuss best practices and receive a paradigm shift for their ministry and leadership development.


Pillar 2: Elective Courses

Students will choose preferred elective courses from 30 WLI On-line electives or students could choose to participate at one of WLI’s 25+ certified regional and international training centers worldwide.


Pillar 3: Residential Trainings

Students will participate in residential trainings. With two, one week long face-to-face sessions, students will meet internationally well-known leaders, receive impartation for personal breakthrough, and maximize their learning experience.


Pillar 4: Final Project

Students will conduct a ministry project and write a thesis paper. Or patriciate on a WLI certified overseas mission trip, as the final project for their graduation

Our Programs

Bachelor of Practical Ministry major is for those who desire to deepen their relationship with an all loving God, better understanding their personal identity, gifts and calling.

The Master of Leadership and Practical Ministry program develops the leader within each student and prepares them for competent apostolic leadership in their sphere ...

The primary objective of the Doctor of Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology is to enhance students’ corporate apostolic leadership and applied theological understanding.

With comprehensive training methodologies, we believe students will not just have outstanding educational experiences, but will also experience a transformational journey.